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Your Roommate Can Finish Me Off

“Please baby, don’t stop! I’m so close!” she moaned, “You’re fucking me so good!”

Eigthteen year old Julia writhed beneath her boyfriend. She lay in the bed at his dorm, her shoulder length black hair strewn wildly about her face. Her mouth open, gasping for breath as her chest heaved; accentuating her medium sized breasts. Her slim and toned body, glistening with sweat, was tense from the oncoming orgasm. But unfortunately for Julia, her boyfriend Kevin was no longer up to the task.

It was always like this. On the weekends they would usually go out to have some fun. They would go dancing, shoot pool, get drunk, and then head home for a good fuck. Typical college students. The sex was great, at least when it started. Kevin was a virile young college guy; in shape and attractive like her. He could rock Julia’s world for the first 20 minutes, but once he reached a certain point he could no longer maintain the intensity she needed to get off.

“I’m sorry babe,” he stammered drunkenly, “I would really like you to cum, but I can’t keep this up. I can go slow and wait for you if you think you can catch up?”

Julia sighed at the notion that this was somehow a race to the finish. She knew she was a bit difficult to please and she didn’t hate him for it, but still there was nothing worse than getting this close and having to finish herself off. Her orgasms were always so much better while being penetrated, so she desperately wanted him to keep pounding her. Sadly, this usually didn’t happen. Kevin pulled out, obviously exhausted, and laid next to her as she began working herself closer. He almost drifted off to sleep while mildly stroking himself at her side. He had a bit more to drink tonight than he was used too.

Just as she was resigning herself to this lesser version of satisfaction, the shower turned on in the shared bathroom of Kevin’s dorm. His dorm was split with 3 other students. One of them, Dom, was a soccer player and usually got home late, so she assumed it must be him. Then a terrible thought crossed her mind…

“Hey baby,” she whispered sexily.


“What about Dom?” she asked as innocently as she could.

“…What about him? He just got home?” he responded slowly, both confused and tired.

“He could get me there. It would be real quick, I could go in and come back when I’m ready to cum. I really want to cum with you inside me.” She moved close to him as she said this, stroking his chest and neck while talking in his ear.

Kevin lazily brought his hands up to rub his face, and started laughing slightly under his breath. “Wait,” he slurred “You want to fuck Dom? So you can cum with me? That’s crazy.”

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Black Cock School For Girls

Carla Scott sat stiffly upright in one of the several straight back chairs that ringed the front of headmistress, Marion Elder’s large imposing desk. “Now let me make sure that I understand exactly what you’re saying, Mz. Elder,” Carla said sternly, “you’re guaranteeing that my daughter will receive daily instruction in large black erection etiquette?!?” “That is exactly what I’m saying,” the headmistress replied smoothly, “in fact we guarantee that your daughter will get at least two hard fuckings a day by black erections that are at least nine inches long!!!” “And oral sex?!?” Carla Scott asked. “Of course,” Marion Elder shot back, “that goes without saying.” “I just want to make sure that we understand each other,” Carla replied, “Meredith is my only daughter, and well, you understand that I only want what’s best for her!” “Of course I do, Mrs. Scott,” Carla replied gently, “we’ve been in the business of training young women in art of fucking huge black cocks for over seventy years.” “Of course your reputation is impeccable,” Marion answered quickly, “I just wanted to make sure for myself, that’s all.” “I wouldn’t have it any other way,” Carla Elder replied.

“How about a demonstration of how we operate!?!”

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Eighteen And Ready To Get Fucked

When I was eighteen years old I was still living at home, saving up a bit of money before I moved out of town to go to university. I had taken the year off after graduating high school, working as a hostess in a restaurant a few nights a week. My job gave me plenty of free time during the day, something that I valued greatly as spring led into summer. I spent many afternoons at the beach or even just hanging out in my parents’ backyard working on my tan.

Although I’ve fluctuated a few pounds here and there over the years, my body is very much the same now as it was then, over twelve years earlier. I was very petite, standing about five-foot-two and weighing not much more than a hundred pounds. I’ve never had to work very hard to keep my figure; in fact, the times in my life when I didn’t exercise at all actually added weight to my hips and my breasts in a way that most of the guys I’ve been with actually seemed to prefer.

At eighteen, I had been seeing the same guy for over two years. He was, at that point, the first and only guy I had ever slept with. Unfortunately, however, we had started to grow apart and it was only a matter of time before one of us would have the guts to break up with the other.

In the meantime I was really lusting after Sean, the guy who had been living with us for the last few months. Sean’s dad was a close friend of my dad’s and he had just moved into the area for a new job. He was hoping to save up some money to buy a place of his own, so my dad offered to let him stay with us for a little while. He was in his mid-twenties, tall and fit with short, brown hair. As cute as he was, he was also quite shy, or at least that’s what I thought. I’m pretty sure I had seen him checking me out on more than one occasion, but I had never detected anything resembling any real interest on his part. Although I was a little more outgoing, I had never done anything more than smile at him and make sure I looked nice any time he was around.

It was late on a weekday morning when I had decided to lie down in the backyard and get some sun. My parents were both at work and my brother was at school, and Sean was probably working as well. I changed into my little yellow string bikini and grabbed a towel before heading outside. I had been blessed with tolerant skin, so I rarely wore sunscreen when I was out in the sun. I spread the towel out on the lawn and sprawled out on my back, soaking in the rays. After about twenty minutes I flipped onto my stomach, undoing the ties on my bikini top so that I wouldn’t wind up with any tan lines on my back. I had just untied myself when I heard the phone ringing inside the house. I ignored it, knowing that by the time I had tied up my top and gotten inside I would have missed the call anyway. It was only a few seconds later that I heard Sean’s voice calling to me from the house.

“Hey Christine, the phone’s for you,” he said.

Because I thought I had the house to myself, his voice startled me. I jumped a bit and turned my head to face the house. This wound up exposing my right breast for a brief moment before I remembered that I was topless.

“Shit!” I said. “You scared me!”

“Sorry about that,” he said. I could see his eyes on my breast during that quick exposure and it turned me on. “Should I say you’re not available?”

“No, it’s okay,” I said. “I’ll be right there.” He stepped back inside as I tied up my top and then got up. I went inside and picked the phone up off the counter, hearing one of my friend’s voices on the line. As I stood there in my bikini, Sean busied himself in the kitchen, making himself a sandwich. A couple of times I looked over at him and caught him staring at my body. I glanced down at his crotch and noticed the substantial bulge in his pants. I had always wondered about what he was packing in there. Many times I thought about sneaking into the bathroom while he was showering so I could see his entire body, especially his cock. Each time I would chicken out and wind up playing with myself in my room, imagining him fucking me.

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