I was so upset that my boyfriend Jeremy dumped me right before Prom. “What’s wrong Erin?” my mom asked as I slammed my bedroom door closed . I couldn’t tell her, I jus sat on the edge of my bed and sobbed. I was a senior, eighteen years old, and now my last chance to go to Prom was taking a sophomore instead! Ughhh!

After a few minutes I heard my door creak open. I thought it was my mom trying to find out what had me upset, but when I looked up I saw my older brother Dan standing in the doorway. He was three years older than me and had been away at a technical school for almost a year. I was surprised to see him since he hadn’t planned on coming home for another three months.

I wiped my tears away with my sleeve and managed to give him a hug. He asked what was wrong and I told him the story, about how Jeremy had cheated on me and now I didn’t have a prayer for getting a Prom date since it was tomorrow night.

Dan put an arm around my shoulder and said any guy would be lucky to go to the prom with me. I tried to have a sense of humor about it and joked, “well why don’t you take me then?” Dan laughed and told me to stop being a smart ass.

Then a strange thought crossed my mind. Why couldn’t we go together? Nobody in my school knew who Dan was, he had gone to high school in our old hometown, 200 miles from here. We could pretend to be dating and nobody would know the difference, as long as we didn’t spill the beans. And besides, Dan was so good looking and well built that all my friends would be jealous that such a hunk had asked me out.

“Please Dan,” I begged, “take me to Prom, it’ll be so fun and nobody will know the truth except us.” I put on the little-sister-gets-what-she -wants look and after a few bats of the eyelashes, he caved in and agreed.

The next night I took my time getting ready, shaving my legs, picking out the cutest panties, putting on the right amount of perfume and make up. I wanted to look my best, not only for Prom but for Dan too. He was doing me a huge favor by being my date and I wanted him to have a sexy girl on his arm all night. Before heading downstairs I slipped on a pair of black thigh-high nylons and black strap heels to go with my black backless, low-cut dress. All five feet, five inches of me was looking dark and elegant, my 34C cups filling out the front and showing plenty of cleavage.

Dan was standing at the bottom of the stairs in a dark tuxedo with a perfectly tied bowtie. He whistled in a teasing tone as I walked down the stairs but he never took his eyes off me until we got to his car. I knew this dress was a head turner. We walked into the school’s gym fashionably late and boy did we make an entrance, all eyes were on us for a few seconds. The girls were almost drooling over my big brother as we headed for the refreshment table.

“Now remember, we’re a couple tonight, not siblings.” I reminded Dan in a whisper. He just smiled as he lead me to the dance floor. After a few pop jams the lights dimmed and the slow songs started playing. Dan wrapped a strong arm around my waist and put the other hand on my hip. He pulled me close to him and we were face to face. I could feel his chest against mine, his hips against mine, his hand on my bare back. My heartbeat quickened.

I couldn’t describe the strange and exciting feelings I was having, being held so close in my brother’s arms, so much of our bodies touching. I felt completely safe, and yet so vulnerable at the same time. Suddenly I had the urge to kiss him.

The look of utter shock on his face slowly faded as I kissed him, not a sisterly peck, not a first date smooch. A full on passionate lip lock. I waited for him to pull away but after a few seconds he hadn’t. I had to make a decision: pull back and explain myself or continue to surprise him. Well I didn’t know what to say, how to explain what I had just done, so I surprised him and stuck my tongue in his mouth. We stood there, amongst my clueless classmates, French kissing like real lovers.

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