My name is Keiza and people tell me I’m beautiful, and you know what, their right I am. I’m eighteen, five foot eight and weight one twenty and I’m always horny. My stomach is flat as a board and hard as a rock. My perky little thirty four-c tits jiggle nicely, but only when I run, and I never, ever wear a bra.

I’ve kissed a few boy’s, even gone as far as having oral sex a few times with my boyfriend and I use bunny, my vibrator every chance I get. Other then that, I’m pretty much still a virgin and that is something that I want, no need to change in a bad way. I want a man, a real man with a real hard cock and I’ve just decided, tonight’s the night. I’m going to lose my virginity and I have an idea how.

I was off to the gym.

It was late, maybe ten or so when I walked into the gym. I came prepared to get fucked tonight, and I mean really fucked. You could see what was on my mind by looking at what I was wearing. When I got dressed tonight I started with a pair of my dad’s gym shorts, they were way to big for me and fit me really loose, and of course, no panties. The tee shirt I picked out I’d had for years, it was so tight and thin you could see my nipples right thru the material. I decided I would cut it off right below my titty’s and the minute I put it on I could see I had cut it too short, way too short to go out in public. I Looked in the mirror and lifted my arms, I had to smile, it was perfect, I could see the creamy tanned skin on the bottom of my tits.

I was hoping that one or two of the hot guys that are always in the gym lifting weights would be here, but not tonight. I was really disappointed, tonight the only people here are three older guys in back lifting weights, you know what I’m talking about, thirty, thirty five, old farts.

Over by the bikes there were two women, the older looking one must have been seventy and she looked a lot like my nana, yuck. But the other one, she was one hot looking milf.

I almost turned around and left the gym, but standing there looking at the pickings, I decided It didn’t matter, tonight I wanted a cock in my cunt and I intended to get it. And besides, looking at the hottie stretching in her skintight shorts got me thinking, a pussy might be nice too.

I stood by the door with my tits pushed out looking around the room letting the three men and woman look me over. From the way they stopped what they were doing they must have liked what they saw.

When I stepped into the room the men stopped working out and watched me as I walked over and stepped up on the middle treadmill. Started it on a fast walk I watched the men watching me in the mirror. It didn’t take long before two of the men walked over to watch me, then one at a time they stepped up on the units on ether side of me and started their machines on a fast walk to keep up with me.

I knew the man on my left, he was a friend of my dads, I had met once at my dad’s house, but I don’t think he recognized me. As he stepped on the treadmill he told me his name was Bill, then pointing to the man on my right side he said he was his buddy Ron.

We kept the small talk up as we walked but I quickly got tired of talk and after a few minutes I started rubbing my nipples with my finger tips, laughing when Ron stumbled.

When neither man made a move towards me I turned the treadmill up to a slow run so my titty’s were jiggling and bouncing.

This caused my tee shirt to slowly creep up over my nipples, now because I wasn’t wearing a bra this caused quite a problem for the men, I had to laugh watching them falling all over themselves trying to see my tits without me noticing

Right about now I didn’t care if my tits were covered or not, my soft tee shirt had turned my nipples into hard sensitive little buds that had made my clit tingle. That and the fact they were watching me was enough to turn me on. I stepped on the side rails and said, look guys, I’m not here for small talk, I’m here to exercise, pinching my nipples I smiled and said, not on the machines if you boy’s know what I meant.

I watched Bill take his shirt off, then as he started running again I watched his hard muscled back as and it made my pussy tingle and pulsate with excitement.

I wanted to look at his chest so I started running, as I passed him I looked down at his waist and saw the tip of his hard thick cock poking out of the band of his shorts, that’s when my pussy really got wet. I turned the speed up a bit, closed my eyes and let my bouncing tits excite all of us.

I suddenly realized It had gotten way too quite and opened my eyes, I looked at Bill then Ron, they had both stopped their treadmills and were watching me. I started to say something to Bill but it came out in a yelp when hands grabbed my arms and lifted me off the treadmill. Before I new it Bill stepped off his treadmill, grabbed me by the waist and threw me over his shoulder. I heard the door slam and looked out the window, the woman that I thought looked like my nana had left and was getting in her car to leave.

Bill had me on his shoulder with his hand on my thigh holding me, as he walked towards the aerobics room I felt his fingers slowly slip up the leg of my shorts. When he realized I wasn’t wearing panties I heard him mumbled, fuck. Then his finger pushed between my wet pussy lips, Ron was walking behind us rubbing the bulge in his shorts, it was huge, as I bounced on Bills shoulder staring at his bulge, I could only begin to imagine how big his cock must be.

I relaxed on Bills shoulder and smiled because I knew I was about to get what I wanted, cock, and lots of it.

By the time we reached the aerobics room, I was so horny my cunt was dripping and I couldn’t wait to taste Ron’s cock. He must have read my mind because as soon as Bill put me on my feet Ron pushed me to my knees in front of him. He pulled off his shirt and I could see maybe the first four inches of his cock poking out the top of his shorts. The tip of that fucker made me quiver with fear and lust, it was huge, it must have been as big around as a beer bottle.

I reached up and touched his cock in my shaking hand, I was breathing hard and my whole body shook as I started tracing the outline of his cock thru his shorts.

His cock pulsed and throbbed and a drop of precum started forming on the tip. I wiped it up with my finger tip and looked up at Ron, he took my hand and pushed it towards my mouth. He watched as I licked my finger clean with my tongue.

The woman knelt behind me and started kissing my neck, one of her hand’s pushed under the band of my shorts and a finger pushed on my clit, her other hand cupped my tit and she pinched my nipple. Letting the pleasure build I closed my eyes and turned my head so I could kiss her soft lips.

Without being told I lifted my arms so she could take my shirt off.

As she started pulling my tee shirt off, my breathing became unsteady and I gasped as I felt the soft cotton slide over my head and up my arms.

She threw it on the floor then put her arms around me and squeezed my firm little tits and pinched my nipples as she kissed my neck. I felt her teeth nipping my earlobe then she whispered, touching your soft young body makes my nipples hard, and my pussy wet. Right about then I felt a drop of my own pussy juice run down my leg.

Ron reached for my hands and put them on his shorts, then he said, come on bitch, pull my cock out. I slipped two fingers into the band of his shorts and pulled them down so he could step out of them.

His huge cock was straining against his underwear, I kissed the tip, his cock responded by throbbing against the elastic band. I put a finger in the band of his jockeys on ether side of his cock and slowly pulled down letting his cock slowly lay on my tongue. I sucked the tip into my mouth and put one hand on his ass and the other I circled his cock and start stroking.

His underwear slid down his legs and he stepped out of them.

This was my first real man, and he must have known it, instead of holding my head and trying to force my mouth on his cock like the boys I had been with, he just stood there and let me get used to his cock.

I felt the woman’s soft hand on my cheek and closed my eyes as I let her turn my head away from the cock in my mouth.

I felt her soft lips on mine as she kissed me, her tongue pushed between my lips and explored my mouth, together we shared the taste of Ron’s precum, and I had my first tastes of a woman’s lips.

She let go of my cheek and I went back to Ron’s huge cock, I started to let myself really get into giving the big guy head as the woman’s hand slowly slipped into the band of my shorts heading for my clit.

She whispered in my ear as her soft hand explored the silky smooth skin of my young virgin pussy, I love that you don’t have any hair, I can’t wait to taste you. The feel of her soft hand excite me as her finger’s explored my sweet young pussy, the sudden electrifying jolt when she flicked my clit made my body shudder. I let out a soft moan as her fingers pushed into my hot cunt,

Suddenly I was lifted by two men and laid on the massage table, I lifted my hips so they could pull my shorts off then pushed up on my elbows and looked at the woman standing between my legs She looked at my pussy then me and said, I’m Wendy, the man playing with your tits is David my husband. Then she pushed my open legs against my chest and her head disappeared.

I felt her soft tongue hit my clit and I almost came. I closed my eyes and laid back to enjoy this, she sure wasn’t like the boys I’ve been with, she really knew how to use her tongue.

When I felt lips on my nipples I opened my eyes and looked down at my tits, David and Bill had stripped down and were totally naked sucking my tits. Reaching down on ether side of the table I held their two hard cocks in my hands and started stroking, soon other hands joined in touching me, and because my ass was off the table someone gave me a good hard swat. Lips touched my ear and I heard the whisper of things to come.

The table shook and I felt soft skin against my cheek, I opened my eyes to look up into the wetness of my first pussy. Wendy was rocking her hips so that her soft pussy hair was brushing against my lips. She placed her hands on the table and leaned forward a little, looking at me she told me to use my tongue to part her slit. I pushed my tongue past her pussy hair into her gapping wet slit and was surprised at how good it tasted. As soon as my tongue touched her clit she pushed her pussy into my mouth, she moaned when she felt me flicking her clit lightly with my tongue.

The table shook and I felt rough hairy legs pushing against my inner thighs. Rough, calloused hands took hold of my ankles and pushed my legs back until I felt my hips lift off the table. Wendy reached back and gasped, her body shook as she had a orgasm. She kept saying, “So big, my god that fuckers so big” She started rubbing the tip of his cock against my wet pussy and from feel of it, it had to be Ron’s.

I was scared, no terrified, now that his cock was about to push into me, I could feel how huge it was and all I could think of is there’s no way its going to fit in my pussy. I tried to push him away but Wendy took hold of my arms and pinned them to the table with her knees.

Ron took hold of his cock and pushed, I screamed as the tip entered me, it felt like I was being ripped apart. The table shook again and I opened my eyes, thru my tears I saw David standing over me, Wendy opened her mouth and David held her head as he pushed his cock in and started fucking her mouth.

I tried to tell Ron I was a virgin and to go slow but Wendy pushed her pussy in my mouth, it didn’t matter he was in another world. He kept pushing, trying to force his cock in my unyielding hole.

I’d put myself in this position, I told myself it was too late, it was going to happen so I just had to deal with it. I went back to Wendy’s pussy, trying to put the pain out of my mind. I closed my eyes and flicked her clit with my tongue, I could hear Wendy moan and the pain grew less and less. I heard Ron ask if anybody had any lube then felt him pull his cock out and replace it by something cold and wet.

The tip of Ron’s cock pushed into me again, this time instead of just lightly pushing he slammed it in. It hurt, it felt like he was ripping me apart as his huge cock pushed into me and took my virginity.

I screamed out in pain when his cock finally pushed all the way into me.

He slowly worked his cock in and out, I was sobbing until I felt his cock hair touch my naked cunt. A sudden lust enveloped me and I wanted his cock, I wanted him to fuck me, I wanted him to use me like the slut I was.

Ron looked down and saw the blood on his cock, he smiled, it all came to him now, this bitch was a virgin, his first virgin. She was so tight he didn’t think he could hold out and he wanted it to last.

But looking at the mound of people in front of him he knew that was going to be impossible, in fact the first stirrings of his orgasm was building in his balls. Ron decided this was going to be a memory this slut would never forget, he pulled Bill over and whispered in his ear. Bill smiled and with the other man picked up Wendy.

Ron pulled me up and held me tight as he turned around and sat on the table. Before I knew what was happening he laid back and Bill and David pulled him onto the table.

Wendy was helped up on the table as he started to fuck me, she knelt over Ron’s mouth facing me and leaned forward. Then taking my head in her hands, she started kissing me while Ron fucked me with long slow strokes. I felt the table shake and a hand on my hip, I looked behind me and saw bill putting lube on his hard cock.

I had a sudden realization of what they were planning for me, it excited me and at the same time terrified me. I tried pulling away but Wendy pushed me down, Ron wrapped his arms around me and was holding me tight.

Bill put the tip of his cock against my asshole and pushed, I felt the tip of his cock try to push into my ass, I panicked and squeezed my ass tight making his cock slip out. Bill held his cock and lined it up with my asshole again, I felt the hard tip start to spread me open, the pleasure of Ron big, hard cock fucking me was forgotten as soon as the tip of Bill’s cock pushed into my ass, I screamed in pain and he paused for a second then pushed in hard. His cock slowly slid in my ass until I felt his hips touch me.

Wendy wiped the tears from my eyes then whispered in my ear to relax, just relax and it’ll feel good soon. David knelt behind her and slipped his cock into her pussy, she told me to watch as she pushed back against his chest. Then she turned to look at him and said, in my ass babe, put it in my ass. I watched her eyes close as David pulled out of her pussy then slowly push his cock in her ass.

When it was all the way in she smiled and said to me, see baby it feels good.

Bill and Ron started fucked me with a slow rhythm, one in, the other out, as they picked up speed I could feel their cocks rub against each other. David was fucking Wendy in the ass hard, she was breathing hard and moaning, as I watched her start to cum I felt my pussy start to tingle.

Bill’s cock was pounding in my ass now and I felt his cock pulse and get harder as he slammed it in my ass. I squeezed my ass and he jerked then held me tight as his cum flooding my ass. The wet, hot flood in my ass set me off, I screamed out I was cumming. Ron’s cock felt like it doubled in size then his cum filled my pussy.

Wendy leaned forward and kissed me as David came in her ass, we both had a series of very super intense orgasms.

I laid against Ron’s chest and though, I did it, I finally lost my virginity, right about then I felt Ron’s cock stirring, this was going to be a fun night.